Today’s remark – real questions or just budgets

– Posted on Nov 13, 2012 by Margie Albert

2013 is just around the corner and, like most TV Sales Reps, you probably have been so consumed with 4Q and annuals you really haven’t THOUGHT much about your goals and execution plans for next year. Sure, you may have a list of your accounts and what you think you can get in 2013 but let’s dive deeper for you as well as them.

Let’s start with you. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself –

  1. When I am at my best, kicking butt and taking names, what‘s going on inside and in my environment? In other words, what factors seem to be needed for me to perform at my peak? Make a list and become acutely aware of the main key factors. Those are the ones you want to magnify.
  2. What drove me crazy in 2012? What held me back (no excuses, be honest with yourself)? Redundant processes? Continuous destructive thought patterns? Certain people? Hone in on the big offenders and address them immediately. The goal is to eliminate as many of them as possible.
  3. What do you REALLY want to do in 2013? Not necessarily work related. Loose 10 lbs? Learn to ski? Go visit Aunt Martha in Italy? Close a 6-figure deal? From your list pick one or two and develop a plan to do it. No more talking about it – talking is not a plan!
  4. What in my life do I appreciate most? Hopefully you start with a very long list. From the list pick one or two things you want to do to demonstrate your appreciation every day.

After you have spent some quality time doing this it’s time to move on to your work. How can your work be integrated into the above? How can you make sure your internal and external environment will allow you to do your best work? Now that you are concentrating on eliminating something that drove you crazy how will you use that time and energy to do what you want and need to do? And how will you demonstrate your appreciation along the way?

Your advertisers are making their plans for 2013. How can you help them achieve their goals and focus on customer success? Do you truly know their real goals? Have you asked the real questions or just asked for their budgets and promotional calendar?

Ask yourself and your advertisers the real questions and you will be remark-able.


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  1. William Jorn

    I always suggest some customer quantitative analysis as well;
    1. Determine your average sale.
    2. Determine customer average.
    3. Determine sales per customer.
    This will tell you exactly where you are now and can be compared to last year and where you want to be next year. Every baseball player knows their batting average – so should an AE.