Today’s remark – random top 9

– Posted on Dec 04, 2012 by Margie Albert

I get asked a lot about how I keep up with Broadcast, television, digital and social media, what I read, where I get inspired, etc.

Here is my random top 9 list (in no particular order) of what I do to stay relevant:

  1. 2 lunches weekly with people who challenge me, know more than I do and, hopefully, make me laugh
  2. Read a minimum of 2 hours daily 7 days a week – blogs and magazines from Fast Company, TVNewsCheck, SmartBriefs newsletters, Cynopsis, Spots ‘n’ Dots, Chris Murray at Varda Kreuz, Harvard Business Review are on my “must read” list
  3. Maintain a facebook interest list of TV stations and visit this at least 2x daily. I look for quantity and quality based on engagement and I also look for ideas
  4. Study TV – I watch as much as possible to see what sticks and pay attention to comments on facebook and twitter to get a better feel for viewer thoughts. Yes, I love my job!
  5. Ask questions. If you know me you know I do this a lot!
  6. Attend a webinar weekly to continue learning – SM, SEO, email ROI, trends, etc
  7. Have several google alerts to keep up with TV Stations, Broadcast Groups, Broadcast industry and other favorites
  8. Sign up and study TV station newsletters, mobile alerts and websites daily. Analyze, look for ways they could improve if they hired me!
  9. Go for a 30 minute walk daily – great way to clear my head, think uninterrupted and good for the body and soul.

These are a few I am “religious” about. What about you? What do you do to stay up to date and fresh? How do you remain relevant and remark-able? Please share so we can learn from each other.


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