What Can I Do For You?

Broadcast companies are facing many challenges –

  • Information consumption habits have changed
  • Information delivery systems have multiplied
  • Identifying and prioritizing what needs to be done
  • Fewer employees to do the work
  • Talent pool diminishing
  • Advertisers reallocating dollars
  • Cost of doing business increasing
  • And these are just a few!

I provide consultation and education to help you attain your two primary goals:

  1. Grow revenue by solving your customers’ marketing challenges thus monetizing your audiences
  2. Grow audience through the strategic use of your digital assets including your website, mobile, email, and social marketing strategies

All services are customized to FOCUS On YOUR Success. We will design an entire Media Sales program based on your needs and can start as low as $1,000 for some private coaching of your AEs and/or Managers.

If you are facing the challenges listed let’s talk. These challenges will not be going away!!