What I Do Best

Broadcast Sales Strategist, Media Sales training, Educator and Mentor with growing audiences and revenues as the goal. Here are a few of my basic classes and skills:

Broadcast, Television and Digital Education for Sales

Focus on Customer Success
To attract and retain customers it is imperative to continually focus on your customer’s success. This two-day class with follow up includes Qualifying Prospects, Research, developing great Questions, and the development and delivery of an effective Presentation all based on the customer’s needs and focused on their success. The use of teams and case studies with practical applications keeps everyone engaged.

The Art of the Question
OK, you have an appointment with a client. Everyone’s time is valuable – especially your prospects and customers! How will you extract what you need from the client to put a meaningful presentation together? Before every call (face to face, email or telephone) is preparation and building customized questions. This 90 minute module dissects research and question development.

Use Social Media to Grow Broadcast Sales? How??
How can you use SM to grow your business and your customer’s business? This 60-90 minute module goes over the basics and how AEs can help themselves and their clients in this SM world.

Help! What’s Going On? (One of the most popular seminars across the country)
This 2½ hour class is for clients only and is provided as a service by you. Clients learn terms and definitions, products available including social media, targeting, the importance of the creative and how to put the power of the digital space to work to solve their business challenges.

Audience Development

News and Marketing Departments “Best Practices”
OK, you’ve got a website and you’re using facebook and twitter. Not enough! Do you have Best Practices in place to engage your viewers, friends, fans, followers and further develop those relationships?

Strategic Development

Digital Strategies
Are you in the game to win or in the game ‘cause you have to be?! Let’s examine where you are, where you’re going and develop a strategy to help you get there.

Sales Department Structure Analysis
Business has changed dramatically over the past few years. Are you structured to take advantage of those changes? Are you structured to best address your customers’ needs? Do you have the right people doing the right work on your staff? I’ll bring you the tools to help analyze your current staff, determine your strengths and where you may be lacking and work with you to organize and hire for the future.

In today’s environment investing in your people with training and additional tools including coaching is more important than ever. Let’s see what I can provide to help you and your team meet your goals!